Introducing “Progressive Lip Flexibilities for Brass”

2 thoughts on “Introducing “Progressive Lip Flexibilities for Brass”

  1. Before I buy the Progressive Lip Flexibilities for Brass I’d kind of like to know what’s in it. I don’t mean you should show me everything in it for free.

    1. Hello Nelson – thanks for your question. “Progressive Lip Flexibilities for Brass” is an advanced series of studies, 67 of them over 150 pages to be precise, utilizing (what I’d like to think is) a novel approach to lip slurs and flexibility in general. Traditional lip slurs deal with only one valve combination at a time. These studies combine patterns of movement and intervals while gravitating between partials and combinations. The results are challenging, but not crazy, musical studies that are more interesting than strictly diatonic studies. There is a fair amount of commentary and some humor. Feel free to check out the reviews page – the material is being regularly used by brass players for major orchestras around the world, as well as top lead, commercial and jazz players. I recently shipped 15 copies to the United States Army Music School where it has been added to the formal curriculum. You can see some demos on my video page on this website. Hope that helps. Best Regards, Scott

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