“GOT SWING”   The Cincinnati Pops featuring Manhattan Transfer and John Pizzarelli

“Soloists (Antonio) Hart, (Jim) Pugh and trumpeter Scott Belck steam up the windows in "Blues in the Night," which has a sexy, big band sound.”
• Cincinnati Enquirer

The Underground Jazz Orchestra Plays for Keeps

“And Scott Belck, well, he's Caligula with a trumpet leading the musically orgiastic sonic explorations played by the Underground Jazz Orchestra.  It's at turns as intentionally sloppy as a Big Mac from a ghetto McDonald's then, on a hairpin, it's as elegant as Duke Ellington himself.”

• Cincinnati City Beat

“While in Ohio, I also played one evening in a Dayton club with trumpeter Scott Belck's Jazz Central Big Band, a terrific group that had everyone smiling all evening. Scott is a beautiful Lead and Jazz player.” 
• Marvin Stamm, in Cadenzas


From the International Trumpet Guild Journal

Tromba Mundi, Music for Trumpet Ensemble

“Tromba Mundi trumpet ensemble is composed of some of the finest artist/performers in the country, and their collective talents are showcased to great effect on the ensemble’s debut recording. The repertoire strikes a welcome balance between well-known standards and exciting newer works for trumpet ensemble, each artfully interpreted and performed with great skill and finesse. ”

“The variety of repertoire, outstanding performances, expert production, and brief but sufficient liner notes makes this outstanding recording a must-have for all fans of the genre. It should be “required listening” for every young trumpet ensemble.”

• Kelly: ITG Journal (Vol. 34, No. 2)

“What happens when 7 trumpet players are tasked to fill a CD with music written exclusively for their instruments? If those 7 trumpeters happen to be the virtuosi of Tromba Mundi, the result is a resounding success on all counts. Their self-titled 1st release is a must for trumpet players, brass enthusiasts, and casual listeners alike.”

“What’s more, to expect this group of identical instruments to play with a full palate of nuanced tone colors while balancing and blending to form a unified sound otherwise associated with string quartets is a tall order indeed. Tromba Mundi delivers.”

“The choice of repertoire and the organization of the CD’s tracks also deserve praise.”

Patrick Valentino, Classical Voice of New England

“I have just listened to a delightful new CD titled Tromba Mundi: Music for Trumpet Ensemble! The recording is excellent, both technically and musically and it includes an interesting selection of both new and vintage pieces. This recording demonstrates the amazing possibilities of the modern trumpet ensemble! Buy it!!”

• William Pfund, International Trumpet Guild President 2007-2009

“This trumpet group is comprised of some of the best players in the nation.  The balance, intonation, blend, and ensemble are fantastic.  The choice of repertoire is great---some old favorites and several
new and exciting works as well.  This is a fine example of trumpet ensemble playing.”

• Dave Hickman, Regent’s Professor of Trumpet at Arizona State University

“This recording of contemporary trumpet repertoire is interesting and exciting, and the playing is absolutely first-rate. An excellent CD for brass aficionados that’s also fun to listen to.”

• Pete Bond, New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

“This new compact disc by [Tromba Mundi] demonstrates beautiful, well-thought out ensemble playing. The intonation is superb and the interpretations are rock solid. Trumpet aficionados will love this album!”

• Anthony Plog, Soloist, Composer,Conductor and Professor of Trumpet, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg, Germany

“By far the most impressive recording of Cityscapes to date. This recording will set the standard for others to go by.”

• Erik Morales, composer of “Cityscapes”

“It is always a joyful experience to hear one’s compositions performed. However, when the musicality of a performance rivals the original vision of the work, that experience defies explanation. I am honored to have my music recorded by such an outstanding ensemble.”

• Robert J. Bradshaw, composer of “Carillon”

“This has to be the definitive recording of this piece. Balances are fine-tuned, phrases are intelligently crafted, intonation is impeccable and the dramatic rendering is passionate. I could not have asked for or directed a better recording of this piece - a composer’s dream come true”.

• Rob Roy McGregor, Los Angeles Philharmonic, composer of “Essay for Six Trumpets.”

“It is hard to imagine a better trumpet ensemble than Tromba Mundi, whose members play with admirable purity of tone and nearly flawless balance, intonation, and ensemble precision.”

“....spectacular show of virtuosity.”

American Record Guide

“Even if one happens to be a trumpeter, I imagine, a whole disc of music for trumpet ensemble better be good. Luckily, this one is. A thoroughly enjoyable disc.”

“Brilliantly played and recorded.”

Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

Mail Call

“We close this week's Mail Call with the lunatic ramblings of one Scott Belck of Cincinnati.....”